Reviews for "CROW"


The artwork really brings this animation to life and the animation fits perfectly with it. I especially loved the ending as he was pulled into the darkness - it was kind of hard to tell exactly what was happening - the crows took him? Regardless that was quite dark which make it all the more a great Halloween submission.

Jimtopia responds:

You guessed correctly sir, the crows took him, I know it's kind of hard to understand, maybe if we get time we'll put on the ending we originally intended.

Anyway thanks, for the constructive review, glad you liked it.

Nightmare noo way this is a nice dream :3

A real nightmare its me going to church for the rest of my life. Any way the animation was good and the story adorable i like it i just wish it could be more long than normal.

ps. i like crows :3

Jimtopia responds:

Eh, I'm not sure a longer cartoon would've worked for this, but thanks for the review all the same.

what just happened?

I didnt get what happened, it was good but confusing.

Jimtopia responds:

I'd take "good but confusing" over "unintelligible and a waste of time" any day!


I liked this a lot. Graphics are very good and the music and soundeffects gave it such a cool spooky atmosphere. 8/10

zombies and ravens?
good suspense