Reviews for "CROW"


You have manages to scare the crap out of me in such a short flash! >< The art and animation was amazing, I'm so glad Plette did your art, and you Peter (Jimtopia) did a good job at the animation. The music was suspenseful and went well with scaring the crap out of me lol. Especially the look of fear on his face woo. Great job, I can't see why this wouldn't pass judgment other than it's too short lol. Doesn't really need to be long though.

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah I didn't think the length would matter too much, it probably wouldn't have worked as well if it was too much longer anyway.

Well thanks for the comments, I'm glad you liked it.

yea ok um

spokky ill give u that, but a little concfused to wat happen, like he went in the ground, ok yea lol really spooky awesome

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah I'm aware the ending is a little confusing, but the flash had to be cut short due to time constraints, it would've made more sense had we used our original ending.


So i must say, the effects in this piece were phenomenal. The art direction was fitting and all together this piece was very enjoyable.

Thanks for that :)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, I guess I did a good job when I chose the camera angles and effects for this. :)

What the ....

I didn't get it , what was the sense?
The story ?
Well , didn't get too much , but i like crows , and this flash has very well done arts and a good soundtrack , that match with the movie.
Liked it.

Jimtopia responds:

Glad ya liked it. :)

Very interesting.

Spooky isn't the word I'm looking for, it was more along the lines of frightening. It would have been better if the scream was louder, that was you would have effectively made me jump out of my seat. The plot was somewhat misconstrued, but the animation was awesome. It's good to see that you have a good idea for a story, it's interesting to see your out of your "Jimtopia state of mind" as well.

The introduction with the title floating from side to side was a great hook, I couldn't keep my head turned away from the screen. The music and sound effects were used appropriately to develop a scary mood, so kudos on that part. I also liked the character's reactions and how the crows multiplied consistently, it all flowed together nicely. Anyway, keep up the excellent work you two!

Jimtopia responds:

Wish I had more of a detailed response to give, but alas I'm just not in the Halloween mood anymore. I do appreciate your detailed reviews whenever you're willing to give them, so thanks much. ^_^