Reviews for "CROW"


Ive seen your artwork in the art portal. I remember does eyes. As for the flash, its greatly done. Loved it. Both your artwork and flash skills are amazing. Good luck on the Halloween flash off!

Jimtopia responds:

To be honest, Plette was pretty surprised that his art got frontpaged when that first happened, lol. Anyway, thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it.

I think it was done quite well

Awesome! It really conveys the emotion of fear. :)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, that's what we were going for.

I absolutely ADORE things like this!!

Creep the shit out, yo. Much love for this. Love the comic-ish style of it as well :) Totally sweet.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate the support.

its cool

its to good


So i must say, the effects in this piece were phenomenal. The art direction was fitting and all together this piece was very enjoyable.

Thanks for that :)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, I guess I did a good job when I chose the camera angles and effects for this. :)