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Reviews for "Imperium II"


needs medals n also found a glitch if u move leave gold or any army wepons blank gives u NaN gives infinate gold n will not allow you to use army cannot get army back either
also fix the save bug when ever i go to save i have to restart the game because it kicks adobe into overdrive

Fun time killer for a strategy game

My only complaint about it is that every thing that is really needed (like the weapon research) is extremely costly. Other than that its a good game.

good game

good game but this needs some bugs fixed

Well Done

At the begining of the game, your resources don't add up much. After a while, that problem goes away, but a new problem springs up. You have to move your resources though 5 cities to get them to the place you want. You should make it so that you could move resources to any city, no mater how far away. Also, later in the game, when you start to battle with barbarians and other cities, the placement of troops is too random. You should make it so that there are 3 spaces to place your soilder, or let 3 soilders go at a time, so they could fight off the enemy instead of just walking across, wasting themselves. A good game, but very slow (Takes about a day). Many people will think it is boring when a game starts out too slow.


This is a really good game. However, I do think there's needs to be some improvements.

1. Battle needs to be more fun. The slowness killed it for me after a while. Instead of a big battle field, why not have a smaller one, much like Epic Wars 4? This way units wont spawn in random areas.
2. I tried and tried to understand what the Embassy does, but have yet to figure it out. Exporting and Importing is a mystery to me. I try both exporting and exporting, but have yet been able to figure out what it directly does.
3. Trades between your own town should be easier. I had to press "Move" for each town, trading resources over and over until i reached my designated town that i wanted the resources to go to. This can be boring, and rather long especially if you have certain towns producing only certain resources (unless exporting and importing was meant to make it easier to trades from town to town, but like I mention above, I can't figure out how to use it).
4. The gold mine isn't as effective as Market, thus making it obsolete in my opinion. Even though the Market does required 10 more workers, its not that much of a big sacrafice when your producing 2x more gold then a GOLD mine. I think that needs to be fix to balance it out.
5. Can't wait for the next installment. I really liked this game, and been looking for something like this to play for a while now. Hope you continue your work. Thanks for the awesome game.

By the way, I probably spent close to 6 hours playing the game, and haven't completed yet. So for sure, I'll come back for some more of it. Thanks again.