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Reviews for "Imperium II"


It is a big improvement from the first, but there are a few minor details: in metals the Axe, spear, and bow metals have the wrong pic. in the how to play there is some awkward working like " Embassy... you can do export or import" also the menu at the end of it doesn't work the six buttons don't do anything, and you can only see two pages after that so not all of the options are clear.

can you say age of empires...

great game, the battle mode sucks ass tho...

battles need work

8 out of ten, but it lags out in the battles and I cannot create more troops, and its not the "you have to many troops on the battle field already" warning, it flat wont let me build troops at all, like the buttons are not clickable to even cue them up, which is severly annoying, so if you can fix that I'll come back and give you ten outa ten

good but a bit flawed

its a very good game but please god have a skip day setting


it is a good game but it does need some fixes and some way to speed up the time, because it is a slow pace once you're waiting