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Reviews for "Imperium II"

I definatly like the first one more!

I'd have to say... the first one is like 10 times better than this!
mostly cuz of the animations. this was also lacking in gameplay because of glitches :(

Like many games...

good concept, bad application
The "war" system needs to be reworked. I haven't seen morale play a major role so, if the barbarians had more units i would let them come through, then when they had far fewer units I would send my units in.

Also, the day system takes too long in the early stages, it should be replaced by the good old "end turn" button.

needs work but is a good start

Glitchey as hell

This game lacks in a lot of places, not only are there no tactics involved but the game glitched really bad, and pretty much gave me the letters (NAN) on my gold and axe men an wouldn't let me move resources or go to war. When they are fixed I will review it again.

its a good concept...

but there are SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO many annoying things about this game for example it takes forever to get enough resources to build or upgrade anything you would like to after the initial expantion and you need FOOD to create buildings that just plain makes no sense ,unless your making a jingerbread house or something,and also since food is hard to stockpile if your trying to CONSERVE SPACE (which you HAVE to).
and haveing to wait till the next day even if you are done with everything is also annoying as hell and anything that has to do with war or diplomacy or research other then the blacksmith is rediculously huge WITHOUT warning so discovering this when you FINALLY have enough stuff to make it and figureing out a river or something blocks it just pisses me OFF! the battle system just leaves you clicking over and over again with nearly no tactics at all... so this being said haveing a more in depth tutorial,a skip button for the days, and a way to accually position your forces and not haveing to use food to make buildings (seriously its not a gingerbread house) would make the game ALOT better at least from my point of view idk what anyone else thinks, o yea and retreat button please....also it takes like 14 days to build a barracks let alone amass an army.

Good but could improve...

Graphics were kinda ugly but I like the gameplay.