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Reviews for "Imperium II"

Tribal Wars anyone?

This game is pretty much a single player version of the game Tribal Wars. The landscape is a bit much, and the buildings consume too much space too fast. The combat engine was either set up to make you lose or you didn't test play this enough. Another down side is the amount time it takes to get resources and troops. Flash gamers don't wanna play a browser game, they want something a bit more upbeat and quicker. The longevity of the game is nice, but you could spend a whole summer just with one game.

I wouldn't shy anyone away from this game though. It isn't completely disappointing. Just the vital parts. heh

Needs work but its still ok

I liked the first one and I was happy when I saw the second one. I noticed a lot of bugs in the game.

1- I never seem to be able to build catapults. I wait a long time and nothing.

2- if you export something and instead of typing a number or if you type something then backspace it makes an NaN symbol which gives you infinite gold. Also I would like to see that you can buy catapults.

3-The enemies army. They seem to be able to funnel more troops at me then I can at them and since they always have catapults it is almost impossible to beat them

4- If you leave a lot of troops in a city then move them you get ALOT of unempoyed people. One point I had 200 population with 3400 unemployed workers.

Things that I would say that need improving are:

1- Landscape: To much crap that you can't build on.

2- Definitely the battle system. You should have incorporated the first one in with the second one when it came to that. I would like to also see an auto battle thing because it gets tidies having to sit through all of the battles.

3- Catapults - Make them more readily available because on harder difficulties you have to wait a long time to beat the enemy because he always has a crap load of troops and catapults.

4- balance the AI in that game.

Good until...

I was having a great time on this game, until I actually got into a battle. It isn't possible to choose where your soldiers go, and so I lost most of my battles because all my men would walk straight past the guys lowering my morale. Everything else is great, but the battle engine is total bull shit.


First one is better...but this is still a good game

time length

if u guys r havin trubl wit the time. jus go 2 map then clik menu in the clik options then jus change the game speed to 3