Reviews for "EnV - Pneumatic Tokyo"

Yes! Finally! This will be playing non-stop tomorrow on my sound system. So good! Mastering is brilliant and it all fits together and transitions so well. I honestly have no complaints. This is just good dance. I can't stop dancing! I tried, but it just became a weird twitch to the beat...
"Bonum Est!" (latin)

Envy responds:

I didn't shout out to you because our love runs deeper than that.


As always you deliver only the best, I don't go a day without hearing something from you on my Ipod
Much love


Haha i love it ^~^ must download immediately!

You must be a wizard dude :D Love your work <33 keep it up!

Hi Envy! I love this song! I was wondering whether it would be alright for me to use this in YouTube videos. I will put a link in the description that will lead back here. :D