Reviews for "EnV - Pneumatic Tokyo"

Cant stop listening to this song, its so good

Pretty good. Really catchy. Also, is it okay if I use several of your songs, including this one, for a computer game I'm working on(I'll give you credit)? Your songs are that good.

(PS. If you let me use your music, that would be great, but the game I'm working on might take a lot of time so don't expect it to be posted right away.)

Really great tune! Keep em up.

This song is amazing. Heard it in a computer class (i know right?) and have been constantly listening to it ever since. Catchy beat. Continue making awesome songs envy. xD

My god. This is amazing. I think my ears have found near perfection.
I'm wondering if I can put this into the credits of a future animation I have in mind... Full credits would be there and so on!