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Reviews for "LazyMuffin Gets Drafted"

OK Animation

Animation was a little bad. But it was pretty awesome nonetheless. Plus, did u hear, yotam's outta the army now!


good job bro!

loved it

But I'm affraid it will belittle the collab. It had pretty good animation and top notch art. you rock.

im astonished

I dont understand how anyone can hate on this video... I actually thought it was awesome, sure the breakfast song was the highlight of the video but the rest still made me laugh, and another thing, the video was like, not even three minutes long, it doesnt HAVE to have an epic storyline, "Hydroeagle", i mean, holy crap, its too freaking bad we cant write reviews on the lack of logic in other peoples little screen names.... I give you a 10 out of 10, Goatman, kudos

Did not like it

Animation: 4/10 (at least resembled figures, could be much better)
Sound: 7/10
Storyline: 3/10 (weak storyline, sorry if im not getting the joke)
jokes: 5/10: had what? 1 good joke?

Overall: 5/10

The only thing i actually liked about this is the breakfast song.