Reviews for "Halloween Sugar Rush"

Not bad

Nothing amazing but overall a good game.

I made it!

And just when i thought it was an infinite game: finally morning.
Good game.
Shooting at kids : )
With candy.
But the music is quite ..... hard to bear.

Looks like this game was made for old people

This game isn't at all challenging.
It's really slow. The premise while cute just gets old after awhile.
The worst part about the game is that after maybe the 5th upgrade, the upgrades are just extra sprinklers. If you are going to put upgrades in a game at all, don't be stingy with them. It would have made more sense just to release one power up every wave for the first 5 waves and only have a sprinkler button that recharges twice as fast.

only td i like

I like how i did not have to upgrade things in money but over time and I beat it on my first try. great game.


Great game. It was very entertaining.