Reviews for "Halloween Sugar Rush"

stupid kids

they think they should get more candy just because they spent a along time on their costumes

Pretty nice

I guess you were into the Halloween themed games at this time, as were most people. This game was pretty enjoyable. As I expected, it got harder as it went on, especially with the trick or treaters that took several bits of candy to get rid of (boy, are they greedy!) I think the premise was pretty original, if not executed in the best way. It was also kind of cool to see the different costume designs. The music was also pretty fitting for the Halloween theme and I guess now I can say Merry Christmas to you at least.


This was a very fun Halloween game,the concept was cool having to control a crazy old man and throw candy to keep the trick or treaters off of his lawn and even having the ability to turn on the sprinkler system which i thought was quite funny,overall i enjoyed playing this game very much and think you did a great job on this game.

damn kids

love all ur games


While the game is pretty simple, it will keep you occupied for a little while, however, it became very repetitive and it gets rather boring. All the while making me seem to remember how much I hate little kids during halloween.