Reviews for "Pinkypop Halloween Party"

Not too bad...

This is an ok spot the difference game, I don't think it's an amazing use of flash but it's alright.

<3 Nice one

Great Game, Nice art~

Didnt like the music but that doesnt matter!

Awesome game! - You should make each "level" a bit harder~ but still a great game


Amazing Artwork! 5/5 just for that!
And good to see it themed for the upcoming holiday<3
I got into the top 40 scoring on my first try! Yay!<3

Thanks for the awesome upload!

I was psyched to see this

.. that is, until I saw it was YET ANOTHER difference game with nice art but absolutely nothing else to it.

How about a difference game with an original twist someday?

Granted, I'm sick of the genre, but I can't justify over a 2 like the last guy for plugging nice art into what by now is total boilerplate plug and chyg code.

gamezhero responds:

Well if you don't like the difference games you don't play it. But saying those games are bad only because you like another genre isn't right.

get that fixed

maybe its just my computer but none of the buttons work not even the website link
the graphics look good though

gamezhero responds:

Why you set 2 than? Maybe it's better to find the issue with your PC and see what is the game about before posting comments.