Reviews for "Pinkypop Halloween Party"


...but way too rushed




I liked it a lot, but must admit that I didn't like feeling that rushed to find the differences. Loved the music, it's very fun and has a nice creepy undertone!


I love the artwork and its greatly suited for Halloween.
Its a lovely spot the difference game and it runs smooth and helps you when you can't exactly get that last one.
I also like how it takes you back to the ones you couldn't get before.

:] Nice job!


I loved the artwork and the music but i cant really say i love spot the difference games. I think the amount of time was a little small for some of the puzzles I needed more time for most of them.

To Plimaster : next time write a real review, what you wrote is just flamming thats not even a real review. "The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole." right there in the guidelines for posting reviews.