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Reviews for "Pumpkin Tower"

Looong and drawn out cussing for no apparent reaso

It's not thaaat bad, but the Christian Slater (Bale?) rant was just useless.

The joke was not lost on me, however, so the submission has some merit. But you lost even more points because of the loud volume.


happy hallowen???


Wow, that was good.

Too bad you couldn't finish it the way you wanted :-/

oh wellz, the one you put was still kinda funny.


BEST FLASH (TODAY) :D i didnt exspect that comin >.<.
btw i hav 2 questions where can i get a digital tablet and how did u break the pen xP?

Hulalaoo responds:

first, i get the tablet from tom fulp, but you can buy one how a bamboo, and second. i broke my pen, because my pen fall in the floor :c