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Reviews for "Pumpkin Tower"


So you can only animate the fighting scenes? This shows how limited your creativity is. ok i am not picking on this animator. Just wondering.

Hulalaoo responds:

lol, you only see my fight scenes ? silly guy :3


Its pretty epic, I like the reviewer really mature response from him... Lol... Anyway, I wanted to pitch an Idea to you, did you ever think about making Easter eggs in some of your flash?

Hulalaoo responds:

what is a easter eggs ?


These reviews are just proving how truly noobish they really are. =P

pretty justified

i think the pumpkin reviewer had the right idea, the animation was decent in some aspects but the characters lacked depths and personality, plus one of them was a yellow humanoid cat. their was no plot and it was very unfunny.

That explains it.

I was watching the fight sequence wondering, "Why does it have a mature rating?" And the Pumkin King guy starting talking; I got my answer.