Reviews for "OrigamiLock is an asshole"

Great Job Origami

Great FBF, and I love the cat getting shot :3


lol i love speakonia its funny when they sware too in that one type of voice XD lol keep this up its frikken awesome!


That was a lol and a half. I see you plan to make more animations like this in the future that is near. Thats would be awesome. Now this flash was twisted humourand we do enjoy it so. Do make more and even feature length ones for other Newgrounds days. Halirious job dude. XD Lol, Really funny.

This is amazing.

Best (and probably only) FBF LL flash to date, keep up the great work. Full of awesome art/animation as well as a funny plot.

make more gogog

funny as hell

lol headshot that was so funny