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Reviews for "OrigamiLock is an asshole"


Love the music!


This was one awesome Ban Day flash,the animation was fantastic especially the character design and i got a lot of laughs throughout this flash too so this flash had so much to offer in graphics,sound & humor so overall i believe this to be the true best of Ban Day 2009.


Simple, and great!

Very nice!

I had never heard of this "Ban Day" before, but I'm very glad there's a day celebrating it! I loved every bit of this, from the intro (well, everyone has that on this day, but yours won as the first at least). I also loved how the charater's locks turned into eyes. Perhaps the only use of that in a Lock flash I have ever seen! It was also great how you put in a cute cat (who was purple of all colors!). While it was sad to see the cat get killed, at least you had a lot of great jokes and animation while doing it.

Whoops, forgot to review this one!

This is seriously one of the greatest LL movies i have witnessed in a long, long time. I loved the style, and the art you've been coming up with recently is fantastic. I look forward to future projects :)