Reviews for "Inculcation"

Holy fcknauts.

Good game, good graphics, good animations and i almost shitted myself with that damn clown.


I really liked this game. Just the right amount of challenge and fear. The game was much bigger than I was expecting.
Thought the end of the game was good too. Nice little "twist in the tale".
good job.

Well done!!!!

Its so fantastic and origonal. The clown-girl is perfect, and even when re-played it surprized me. The only thing scarier than the girl was the secret picture.


awesome but now i cant stop wondering about that strange gilr/clown or whatever it was


This is one of the best escape games I've ever played, and believe me. I've played LOTS of them.

The story's great, not boring at all. You could scare me a couple of times. The art's very neat as well. Good Job :)