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Reviews for "Dufflebag Dud"

Missing a plot to it =/

I didn't see much of a storyline in this, it was just some guy walking into a cafeteria with a bodybag containing Hank Hill for some reason. Then a portion was missing and there were two guys acting happy. I don't get it.

The animation reminds me of some 50's cartoon I watched before where everything had a face on it and acted happy all the time for some reason even in bad situations which makes no sense. It was ok animating I guess.

Audio seemed pretty fitting for the carton since thats what kind went with those animations most of the time. =/

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I digg it why wont you?

yeah i actually liked it the first time, concentrating more on the complete randomness then the multiple problems of this animation. There isn't much plot to it... what ever plot there was is destroyed by the missing reel so... yeah.

The music fit the mood and is typical of the late 40's wich is exactly what it is suppose to represent. but for the most part, the problem lies in the animation: First of all, there is way too much effort put into the flower in the first scene and not enough effort put into the reste. especialy when the guys walking with the bombs. i mean seriously xP. First of all, The guy has freakin NO TORSO! you can see right through him. and when the guys closing the bag, NO GLOVE! when hes carrying it GLOVES!!! yeah but they didn;t know that, i just know where to look. There are alo plenty of other probleme's that no one will ever realise or care about. except when hes walking.

overall, its kinda funny. i enjoyed it.

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Pretty strange

Well, there's not much plot to this, with a rather interesting style of animation. I can see the parody of the more traditional style of cartoons, reminiscent of the early Mickey Mouse drawings. I'm not entirely sure why you've put the "Upper Class Carl Johnson" in there, because the moustache is really pointless and when it was coupled with the plot, or lack thereof. Was this some sort of bombing run?

I'm not entirely convinced by this piece, but it does show that you've got some decent animation skills, but you could certainly do with backing it up with some good plot writing skills. There are plenty of people out there that are looking for cartoonists to animate their pieces, so just start borwsing the forums and you will find what you're looking for. Good luck with that!

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carljohnson responds:

dat upstanden man is :anticipation:, a fine gent. thanks, and yes I know the animation and mainly the plotting is rubbish because I did this all one morning so I couldn't finish it to its entirety if I included the massive chunks I planned but cut out....thnkz 4 review...

Decent animation, but way too short, & random


I really dug the whole "retro" 1950's cartoon feel you had going on.
The animation itself was fairly solid, with the exception of when the guy carrying the bag is walking to the cafeteria, which wasn't as good as it should have been...

The narrative was too random, and the cartoon itself was really short.
You didn't put a replay button which also put me off.
And it ended really abruptly.

I know you wanted to lampoon the columbine massacre, but frankly I don't see the point you were trying to make...

Was this supposed to be some vague critique of the U.S. army?

- Celx
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this is pretty good! i love the king of the hill show referance.