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Reviews for "Dufflebag Dud"


it looks just like those old disney cartoons..you have the eyes down perfect..wow


We love you Anticipation!

Extremely odd but still nice

I thought this was a pretty good cartoon. I loved the old cartoon styled animation in it. Very well done and smooth. The plot of this movie was very hard to follow. Especially because it was so random and so short. And without the description I probably would not have been able to understand what it is about. But I did and then I watched it a second time and it made much more sense. I'm guessing the two propane tanks with a clock on them represent the bomb taken into the cafeteria during the columbine school massacre. This kind of a twisted thing to make fun of. But that didn't affect the overall quality. But what really made this no more than an average movie was the length.


But there is just no substance. It has potential. (Even as disturbing as that is) Maybe focus on the art style you've got here and make something original out of it.

Instead of going for what seems (to me) like a half assed attempt at humoring a terrible event, and make a fully assed attempt at an original comedy. Lol

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't aweful, it just needed more work. The whole rush thing probably kept if from being any better.

Anywho, keep up the work! =3

-Review Request Club

carljohnson responds:

i might thnkz.....


The graphical style is interesting and looks like old disney cartoons from the 40s, which is pretty nice, by the way.

The music could also be from one of those old cartoons and it fits very nice to the style of the graphics.

Too bad the story is kind of random and doesn't make that much sense. Maybe the "missing reel" wasn't that good of an idea. Also, the Carl Johnson with the monocle at the end didn't fit in the flash too good either and only adds to the randomness of this submission.

So, while the graphics and sound are nice the story sadly is not, which is why I can only give you 6 out of 10 stars. :(

{ Review Request Club }

carljohnson responds: