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Reviews for "Cruiser D.Va"

Holy shit nerf this Artist she is way to fast
great work :3


Lovely artwork! You gave this piece every reason to use the tag "cute" and I love the way you drew her with the whole button up, handkerchiefs/bandannas, and the pretty little red high heels, and it totally reminds me of the "You Can Do It" poster for the independent women poster (probably not an important detail or comparison, it's just what I noticed.) Anyways I love the look of the art and the way you chose to express this character in this picture, because from what I know where she comes from she's sorta famous and because she's so famous (with video games) she was given the mech suit to use. Now, because she's "sorta famous" you'd expect her to be asked to come in for a photo shoot to be put in some sort of magazine and that's exactly what I see, she's posing for the camera. (Sorry if that wasn't the intended impression you wanted to give. ) But overall good job! It's talented people/artists like you who make me want to grow as an artist myself.

That being said, could I bother you to, when you have the time, look at my art and give your own opinion on what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and what I could do better, I would very much appreciate it so that with that information I could potentially one day draw with the same artistic skill as you and others like you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

this is nice and all but now you got me wondering what the mech for this version would look like

Love the whimsy! Same thing we try to capture. Bravo!