Reviews for "Juggerdome"

Juggs in a arena!!!

Great game
really great one faved now
I always wanted to enter an arena with a steel jugg and crush ppl
And now I can
MAny thx m8
PS: the game really lags a lil but still a good gameplay and the game is so good that its easy to ignore the lag

Thumbs up:)

Good game dude!!

tips for boss

the boss's right arm does a whooping dmg of 300 even with 4 impact sheilds equipped the fastest way to kill him is to always stay behind him to avoid his hellish bomb and equip 4 multi launches. ignore the minions n focus on boss
make sure you maxed all the upgrades hope this helps :)




This is like one of my favorite games! I already played this game through 10 times! I like being able to customize my weapons and stuff. Its also fun bringing down a reighn of death to prisoners as you plow through them with guns the size of them! The weapons are great and the overheat time doesnt take too long to go down. But some times i would face a stupid npc. But over all this game is amazing!