Reviews for "Juggerdome"

not good

the game felt boring from the start sorry to say it was just not for me but i can see pepol having 5 mins of fun with this

Okay game

The corpeses should stay ontil the lvl was finished, and you should be able to run people over..


Work your way for grenade launchers on each weapon slot (also get the two extra weapon slots) with 4 heat sinks (all extra stuff slots as heat sinks) and on the map that has the electric emp field in the middle, barrage enemies as they come through the door when it's on the slaughter prisoners event, it will get you massive crowd bonuses for the crowd achievement.

Also, if you're looking to get the "I come in peace achievement" (finish an event without firing a single shot) , when you've finished the game and done whatever achievements or whatever you want, start a new one, on the first level simply keep running them over, but remember: DO NOT FIRE A SINGLE

also, barraging people with grenades is bloody fun :D

But, one thing i dislike is there's this bug, i can't get any further, it simply goes to some random window thing right after finishing this one event and freezes, a blank window. :C

nice but

a bit mor graphic adjustment

good but why the keys

why can't you people just uwe the arrow keys to control your games that sucks big time
not everyone has qwerty keyboards you know
besides that good game together with the last stand games :)
pls try to keep this in mind for future games ;)