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Reviews for "Big Guy"


needs replay button

Artyluck responds:

Hehe, okay, I'll add it later, thanks. :)


was the guy who was sloutching stoned? or hes just fearless nice vid btw

Artyluck responds:

Hahaha! xD Thanks, lol. :)


Nu wtow, principi neploho... Da, smewno i interesno. Pravdo korotkovato, no ja smotru tq sdelal ego za odin den, tak wto pohvalno-10/10, 5/5...
prehoditsa pisat latinicoi, russkii wrift ne propuskajut.

Artyluck responds:

Hehe, spasibo muzik! :)


Laughed a good bit.

The voice acting seemed a bit too plain and similar, but I can't judge much due to the language being a bit unfamiliar too me.

Over all it was hilarious in its own right, A big naked man thinking candy is going to save his mother. And not to mention the nuclear bomb sized bullet destroying one of the characters.

Hope to see more!

Artyluck responds:

Yeah, I know, my voice acting sucks much, but it's better than nothing. ;] "the nuclear bomb sized bullet", woot! Nice catch! ;] You will see much more for sure! This flash was a one day animation without a real plot. We were fooling with my friend and there we go, that scene with guy's scream and a huge bullet. Actually there must be just two scenes (like a 'trash' movie), but I added a little story to it. I'm glad you liked it. Will be better next time and will come soon. ;D


that song was awesome and the slumped over guy is funny

Artyluck responds: