Reviews for "Kill the Demon"

Rly boring and easy...

But i gotta say thats pretty good for 2 hours! It would be better if you could chose your attack, not just a fire ball...

Boring as fuck

But great job on all of your code!
You made some nice wor on it!
I voted "5" because it deserves to be in the portal. :3

MasterSwank responds:

Thanks :D


Nothing special, you probobly made this when you where bourd or wanted to waste time or something right, because dosn't look like much effort was put into this.The music isn't bad though i could rave to this. 5/50 for effort and music. (^_^)

MasterSwank responds:

Pretty much

pretty basic

a simple lil game, add sounds, and a heal animation, as well as more than one enemy, and you might have something, the damage is very random, i played the game 4 times, killed the demon once, and lost 3 times, maybe a block option that will halve the damage of the next attack, just a thought...

MasterSwank responds:

Well I meant to set it so the Heros attacks were a number between 1 and 30 and the demons were 1 and 20 but I forgot and made them the same.


its got potential.... add some graphics, make him stronger, make a variaty of attacks things like that and you got a good game.