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Reviews for "NODUS 2"


it would be fun if the screen wasn't fading to black every second

its ok..

it was a nice escape puzzle my only complaint was the fading in and out....that got anoying after the first minute.


it was pretty cool, but the going in and out of focus thing got old. it started to hurt the eyes a little.

for a point and click..

not too bad. Only thing i noticed was that the music didnt loop, it just stopped half way. Other than that pretty good.

it seemed

kinda similar to some games ive played. but the blacking in and out lost its charm rather quickly. i liked the idea of finding your way out, but ........its kind of a let down to go looking for all those keys , and when i expect to finally get out of that stupid room i get a pill?
nice try. but maybe work on the plot a little more.