Reviews for "The Gun Game"

Cured my boredom

This game cured my boredom, and I really liked how the levels were setup. The physics engine makes it pretty cool, and also having the ability to switch weapons was great.

I found it very amusing

I liked the graphics and the physics a lot. It gave me a good 10 minutes to waste. Also that the framerate was pretty good and the variety of guns. I think you put a lotof effort into making this. The art was pretty nice too. The guns were neat and fun to use. But it also got kind of hard at some times. Overall i think this game is awesome. nicely done


To be honest, I don't have very high expectations for something called "Gun Game". But this shattered even the expectations for it if it was named "Extreme Awesome HD Ninjavision Ultra Deluxe x50 Goddamit".