Reviews for "The Gun Game"

nice work

good, though on defense the targets come way too slow

Memory Leak

The game is fun, I think you don't need more praise, I agree with all the praise already.

What I'd like to point out: Peacemaker hand is white, no matter whether black or skeleton is selected. Moreover, if the memory leak is fixed, there is another one. Also, the mouse cursor starts appearing over the gun. These issues make the game a bit less playable. If you could get rid of those, you'd have my ten ;)

Also, is there a reload button? And: maybe add a few "big" guns? A survival mode might make hunting achievements nicer.

One of the best target games

This was definitely a surprise, I can tell you that much. The gameplay here is relatively standard fare- choose a gun, pick a level and destroy a bunch of targets before time runs out. What makes this game special is how unique and interesting each gun is, and how you can use factors like recoil, knockback and bullet spread to your advantage. The challenge modes are also pretty cool, as each gun has three unique objectives that involve both accuracy, speed, and puzzle solving. The "Skill Challenge" stages are particularly excellent. I think a whole separate game should be made out of them.

And did I mention the physics? Awesome work here. Bullets actually bounce off walls and fall realistically to the floor, allowing trick shots and bullet spreads that rain death onto those endlessly spawning targets. The style, sound, and art are also excellent. When you shoot a shotgun, it really feels and sounds like there's some buckshot being blasted across your computer screen.

The main qualm I have is the lack of difficulty in this game. The Peacemaker, P90 and Spaz-12 all make short work of even the toughest objectives, and one of the upgraded guns can kill any target in a single shot. I also wish there was a competition mode or something, as it would give the game a lot more replayability.

Good game, but...

"-Fixed Impossible Kar98 Speed Challenge."
I disagree.

Damn good game!

I love the amount of achievements and many enough weaponry =P
+ those Defence & Offence Campaings...whoa!
I'll play all achievs to full =D full points to this game!