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Reviews for "Lemon and Karl 7"

was not impressed.

the music just didn't feel like it was for this animation, the voice acting didn't feel right either. some of the jokes got me a bit but overall i didn't like it. I'm sure i don't want to see the other episodes.

CharleyManic responds:

I am certain that you should not watch the other episodes.


the clouds and a lil bit of the humour of course?

a little slow paced and drawn out
other than that good looking forward to your next one!!

CharleyManic responds:

Monkey Island indeed. (Slow paced and drawn out is the only way to fly my friend.)


Bad voice acting, bad animation, not funny.

CharleyManic responds:

It was actually pretty funny.


good animation and some mild humor. a good watch indeed! and now i have to go watch the other 6 *sigh* this always happens when i watch something late in a series. anyways this was fun! XD


Not just saying that to be like comic book guy from the Simpson's. 100% super serial.

CharleyManic responds:

Sir, you are my kind of people.