Reviews for "A Dralien Day V2"

i love this game it could use some badges though

Love it.

Beautiful ending and nice plot.

A pretty entertaining game.

An okay game -- cute story, lots of detail, and I love the whole style where you click to interact with the world. However, it seemed to fluctuate between too easy, perfect difficulty, and flat-out impossible. Definitely had to use the walkthrough on this one, which makes me feel like I'm cheating. The clues for the spaceship switchboard and mechanical door at the end with the colors were excellent; the clues (if there were any) for the rooms with the hazardous gas was rather obscure, and opening the cage at the end seemed like it was just trial and error. Maybe some more clues next time? Puzzles are only fun if you have the tools to solve them. All in all, though, a pretty fun little game. The baby dragon was adorable.


whats with the doors? the dragon walks to slow.


cool game