Reviews for "A Dralien Day V2"

What a cute game

Nicely done, and in the same vein as Bowja; not too hard, nice looking and fun interactions. I felt so sorry when I hurt the dragon :(

[: I reallly liked this.

Killing the drone took me forever to figure out. I was randomly shooting everything until I accidently shot at the rocks. [: I felt duuumb.

i love this game

this game is so much fun and i love the cute eyes but i cant seem to figure out how to get by the drone


This Game makes no sense, how did he even know his mom had be dragon-napped if his egg hadn't even hatched yet. But still a pretty cool game

Cute Game!

...However, the whole puppy-dog eyes thing starts to get annoying after a while and I, at least, end up wanting to cause him pain and give him something to really cry about. That being said I like the game, it is nicely detailed and not overly challenging so fun for all ages.