Reviews for "A Dralien Day V2"

Great return

I really love "Bowja the ninja" series and this is on the same line.
The graphic was really amazing and the sound is good, story is nice and the difficulty for this game was a little low, except for the door puzzle. I don't like so much this part, but I loved the shhoting/driving part and all the rest.
Well done, a funny adventure!

xD cool

Very good but i got stuck on level3 lol

Those pencil parents are doing something right.

Yet another great, simple game from pencilkids.com. Not as hard as some of the others, but a great game for the young'uns.

Amazing game

The graphics were stupendous, the choices you could make were very much so on a single track but they all had interesting outcomes. I liked that you added in a little first person shooter and then some survival. It kinda rounded the game out. The storyline was great as well. Although the explanation wasn't very in depth you certainly knew exactly what you wanted the world to be. The only problem with the game is that it is too big for the screen size that it's set at so when you're trying to lift the cement walls up with the crane you can't see the switch that makes the electricity connector move so you're sitting there wondering how moving that one side up and down is going to help you get your head through the wall. Even with that minor issue it still has great playability. Well done.