Reviews for "A Dralien Day V2"


Good point and click adventure game, wasn't too hard. It tells you the way to go through the doors just outside it, I figured it out second try. Other than that it was good, the ending was good, and I liked the action sequences which gave the game a bit of variety.


i really enjoy point and click adventures.. but this goes from being much too easy with everything highlighted to just a long period of guessing random doors until you finally get it right.

however the animation was good and protecting the ship was mildly difficult and fun.


I found this to be much better than the last submission of abuba. The dralien was a little easier to bare as it did not have an annoying catch phrase throughout the entire game.
Some of the sequences where difficult if not impossible without the walk-through such as the door sequence. This was downright impossible to see any difference between the features. I think you should edit this to make it seem a little more apparent.
The big eyes on the creatures you have created are not really as cute as you may think; just like abuba, they look creepy and needy which in the end does not make me want to play the game.

Keep going though, this was easily 10x better than the last.

Good job

i liked it. that's enough for a ten.

pretty good :D

i liked it i mean it wasnt to hard but i liked it u gets 9