Reviews for "A Dralien Day V2"

fun game

the game was beautifuly drawn,good sound and fun little puzzles.i look forward to a more challenging sequil/new flash from you.the dralien was so sad looking the whole game,it was bumming me out.when he found his ma he was so happy,lol.great game,thanks. :)

cute game

this game is cute for jkids (not that complex :D

Great game for kids

This is, methnks, supposed to be a game for kids, hence having the title "Pencilkids". I still think it's a really well drawn and entertaining piece ot gamery. A very good way to waste a few minutes! Good job!


Overall a good game.

An idea

Nice one, pretty entertaining. Although people are complaining that it is easy, there is no such rule that a point click adventure should be hard. However, as an idea, you may consider to put an option like hiding "highlighted points", that would make the game a bit harder for the ones who like that way.