Reviews for "Give out your heart..."


I like this one. Simple, yet touching. Kudos to you.

Jamieneo66 responds:

Thanks alot :D

very touching

yet beautiful great job on the animation i loved how it was in black and white simple yet moving i also loved the music you used from bleach excellent work

Jamieneo66 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it
The music was what inspired this concept, i'm glad you enjoyed it of course ^^

that was very touching

the animation migt not be at the top but the meaning behind it is well done.

thats beautiful

love the poem and music, touched my heart.

well done!

I saw a few errors with your layers most likely accidental, I liked your animation. it was hard to tell what gender each were or I'm still unsure if there were even two characters In this animation. At one point it looks like there holding hands with the flower in the middle with the sunset (very nice mood setting) well that's just it the sleeves it was hard to tell if they actually were holding hands cause there are none!

Also a nice music choice very nicely done!

Jamieneo66 responds:

Ah it is a guy and a girl :3
but i suppose your right there, i'll have to make the corrections in the edit, and sorry this took so long to get back to XD