Reviews for "Give out your heart..."


Your title does not make sense. That is all. Other than that animation is ok.

Jamieneo66 responds:

It was meant to be Give out your heart,
Which still makes sense if your pay attention, theres a rose, boy and a girl, love letter, what the letter says, yeah, makes sense >.>

very touching

yet beautiful great job on the animation i loved how it was in black and white simple yet moving i also loved the music you used from bleach excellent work

Jamieneo66 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it
The music was what inspired this concept, i'm glad you enjoyed it of course ^^


I like this one. Simple, yet touching. Kudos to you.

Jamieneo66 responds:

Thanks alot :D

Give our your heart...

I'm sorry, but this is just super boring. The animation isn't bad and i'd say it's a good start if this is one of your first flashes, but it was really really slow and i struggled to watch it all...

Jamieneo66 responds:

Its meant to be slow, to match that of the music and the idea of the flash, if it was faster it'd be pretty crap :\