Reviews for "Speed Animte: Akane"

that was amazing

you told me more about how to make flashes from your video then everyone elses' advice. thankyou. now i think i can actually make a flash now. thankyou.
10/10 and 5/5


Can u like speed draw amy of grand chase plz :O

Speed = awesome :D

amazing! nice technique. The constructive criticism i guess would be go faster! more speed!!! :D

studio-nightbird responds:

you sure have the need for SPEEEEEEEEEEDDD

Thanks for the review ;)

Well But...

Can You Create Speed Animate:Amy

I Never Knew.

I always knew animation was a long an arduous process but now i have seen the process happen before my eyes. To see quality animation and its process opened my eyes even more and I have a new appreciation for truly gifted flash animators.