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Reviews for "The (-_-)"

that was strange

could of been beter if noise was used instead

armydanywolf responds:

umm... ok

I like it

I like it but it wasn't that cool :I didn't care for it...

armydanywolf responds:

okay, thanks anyway

not bad

not bad, needs a bit of background music. The cut the blood scenes down 1 frame and have a black background. Have roc music in the background to make everyone want to watch it again. Besides that I will give you a 7.

Keep up the good work

armydanywolf responds:


umm, yeah bg music...
i tried to find one but its too short to have a real bg music!
yeah rock is the best! :D
and thanks for the 7!

good but.... it could use a background,faces to the enemies,and it should be it a bit longer

armydanywolf responds:

ohs =o
thank Yu for reviewing. i know its not gud at all... but this is very old
i will submit a new flash in some time. thank Yu

Not bad

It wasn't bad but it wasnt great. It seems like one of thousands of vids with pointless violence. The thing this one has above the rest is the animation. It may have been the same basic theme but the animation was better in this. But the biggest complaint I got is that there was no fighting back against te yellow dude. would have liked to seen him get smacked around harder, If you do add more to this id like to see that happen. And some background music in a longer version would be a pretty solid idea

armydanywolf responds:

umm... ok but i cant find a good background music if you find or know one please pm me or sumthing! thanks for the review!