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Reviews for "The (-_-)"


wow that was bloody

armydanywolf responds:


not bad, bad

pretty good flash, ive seen worse today. so yeah thx for the watching lol

armydanywolf responds:

thanks! yeah i think you can see worse than this


wow pretty cool flash...i enjoyed it a lot!

10/10 5/5

armydanywolf responds:

YAY thanks! :D

not bad

Pretty good, little work on the blood, and it would be even better, the recurring joke was making me crack up.

armydanywolf responds:

:D wow thanks and yea its one of my first animations (around 5-7)

Not bad

It wasn't bad but it wasnt great. It seems like one of thousands of vids with pointless violence. The thing this one has above the rest is the animation. It may have been the same basic theme but the animation was better in this. But the biggest complaint I got is that there was no fighting back against te yellow dude. would have liked to seen him get smacked around harder, If you do add more to this id like to see that happen. And some background music in a longer version would be a pretty solid idea

armydanywolf responds:

umm... ok but i cant find a good background music if you find or know one please pm me or sumthing! thanks for the review!