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Reviews for "The (-_-)"


Awesome! He was kiling ballz!

armydanywolf responds:

thanks! yes he was killing balls :D

really Nice

It's really nice, I like it, though as the other said a bit off background music would be nice, though this gave me some ideas, I thank you :)

armydanywolf responds:

:D thanks! the next will have bg music

not bad

not bad, needs a bit of background music. The cut the blood scenes down 1 frame and have a black background. Have roc music in the background to make everyone want to watch it again. Besides that I will give you a 7.

Keep up the good work

armydanywolf responds:


umm, yeah bg music...
i tried to find one but its too short to have a real bg music!
yeah rock is the best! :D
and thanks for the 7!


Good movie

armydanywolf responds:

thanks =^__^=


the grammar is horrible at one point "I can't felt it cock sucker"? You mean "I couldn't even feel it cock sucker" and the animation sucked, sorry but you get a 1.

armydanywolf responds:

wow you cant read! watch it again! he said: I dont even felt it you cocksucker! i know its wrong too. and the animation sucked... yeah try to animate better in koolmoves!