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Reviews for "Trap Master"

Amazing Game But...

This is an awesome game! I cant stop playing it. Got me hooked for hours! Theres only one problem. It keeps crashing my firefox every other 5 min. Played in window mode still crashes. I would give this game 10 but its so frustrating being in an intense battle and BAM! back to desktop.


how do u unlck the woman monster?

10 only for jennifer

great game .. I love upgrades ! cool !

the perfect defending game

wow its the perfect defending game its waaay more better then tower defenses and canyon defenses i didnt liked it i LOVED it perfect animations, sounds and realy entertaining by the way i think there are some bugs in some bridge traps they dont go BOOM (some of them not all)

Very entertaining

Very creative. Good mechanics. Variety of enemies. Difficult.