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Reviews for "Trap Master"

nice but....

it kinda gets boring after a while

This game is wonderfully wonderful!!!!

This game, THIS GAME kept me bust for hours!!!! OMG, it was soo entertaining that, I can't say anything!! I had a lot of fun, and hats off to you! /_O

'' ''

great game but still have some bugs

-playing with first monster after killing enemy they don't die, they just stay lying on the ground so i can pass the lvl

-and after using all traps and then after first ''trap reinforces'' i was unable to put any trap

- and i was unable to kill enemy with eating him cos i was eating him without ending , he was always there no matter how many time i eat him

Not bad

Not what I did expect, but not bad...


but i think you may have a few bugs right now, i played it through and it was amazing, i tryed playing it through with the unlocked monster and for some reason it doesnt actually kill them, they just fit on the floor and im left there with nothing to do.