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Reviews for "Trap Master"


A genuinely great game. The combination of Platformer and Tower Defence worked well, the traps were interesting, and (one of) the monsters were (was) great.

However, when I tried to eat people, the character stopped. I know that was the Idea, but it kind of interupted the flow.

More Traps, more Monsters! I want to see many more of these!

very very inpressive

i went on your site and beat the game lol its addicting, plus i love the mass chaos of traps super pluss here

nice but....

kinda gets bored after maxing all the upgrades....
but other than tt, this was a nice game

cool game

wow this is cool

Great game

Looks like a simple game, and pretty easy to beat actually, but beautifully done. But the defence part and the upgrades kept me playing. I played it out in one time, spent 2 hours on it, and that means it's good.

Love the nice twist with the different beast eating stuff too! Fun to watch and fun to play.