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Reviews for "Jack-Assassin"


I like the controls, and I love the hero doesn't shoot anything. He's just too cool to shoot. :D (hmmm, the others reviews say he can shoot, but I've finish the game just jumping on the sheeps).
I think all the game is very well balanced, it's never repetitive, the respawn points are perfect, the graphics looks very good, I love the sheeps dying and the dialogues between Jack and his sensei are superb!
Maybe you could improve the animation of the character, specially when he climbs. But it gives the game a retro flavour, so it's ok for this one.
The end is great!


I really do like your art style, but the controls are a bit awkward. Why can't you shoot while you jump or run? You could use combos, and I don't really like the gameplay, in all of honesty. I really find the plot to my liking, though.


First try? Pretty damn good. One tip: make Jump and Up the same key (W/Up Arrow) instead of Spacebar. And G is just not a good button for shooting. But generally good stuff.

Classic fun

I like the work done by both of the developers here. The only complaints I have are that I can't shoot while moving or jumping. I guess that's an added challenge though. The music is very fitting for the game. Having the climb button different than the jump button is strange but it makes sense if you want to jump off of a ladder like you need to at times in this. It's a little different, but plenty of challenge. The water part killed me a half dozen times. heheh


the pace is super slow. assassins should be faster. and be able to shoot while moving.