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Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel"


I'm playing a water color painting. This is beautiful. This is the kind of passion that results in amazing games. Well done, incredibly well done sir.

Adventure at it's best!

You made some serious adventure fun here.. with a lot of explicit things I guess :P Well, I like the scene when mommy comes in.. with the axe, you know? Great game man, I am excited for the sequel :D

Really cool! Original!

This was a very original game flash. I liked the way the author took and turned a fairy tale into a grim, Tim-Burton-like production. The mother was awesome; really mean! The title of the game fits as well. Between the mom and the title, it's almost like they added just the right twist of modern, bitchy feminism into the mix. Makes you wonder how the witch in the sequel can be any meaner. Maybe the witch will actually be good, and come back to kill the mother?

The deaths were all good, the crow coulda had a little more gore in it, (maybe a few more coulda joined in on the feast?) but overall I really liked the effect of subtle chills they added to the game as it progressed. They seemed just right; not too overdone with torture porn. Hansel's slightly retarded personality also adds a really good flavor to it. When I first discovered that I could hurt him with the slingshot, it almost felt like I really wanted to hurt the little twit!

Very good, dreary water color graphics; it looks like the graphics designer spent some time on them. Music was well done, like a sort of mellow type of horror that drums on without droning out the game, especially when you enjoy it in surround sound. Clever, original solutions were also fun to figure out. The walk-through page the author gave in the instructions below the flash really helped out when I felt like I was at a dead end, but I recommend that anyone who plays this game for the first time hold off using them unless they just can't figure something out.


I love this game, although I found a bug. Maybe that's the way the game is supposed to be but i don't think so. Here's what happened. I got 9 stones, and couldn't figure how to kill the f ing spider to get the last stone, so i was walking, and i got the 10th stone, just like that, without killing the spider or something. So that.. maybe there's an eleventh stone, i don't think so though. So that, if u could fix that, it would be nice. Besides the long description of the bug, Excellent Game! Disturbing deaths.

This is great

I'd like to see some more games like this it was great