Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel"

great game!!!

Absolutely beautiful- the best looking game I've seen on Newgrounds, and great game too!! -except the puzzle with the mushroom didn't make much sense ;) And a little hard to reach all controls on the running section at once!

This game is amazing and good but guys i have ERROR and i cant get medals -We could not connect to NewGrounds gateway if you use an-adblocking apliccation you may need to disable it to unlock any medals you earn in this game but i dont use an-adblocking apllecation who can help?

This game Was Great! Loved the Atmosphere, It reminds me of like the Old-Style horror Games, Nostalgia Galore, I love it!

I'm not going to lie, this game was challenging. But I like challenges! This is just a note for people who don't. Haha. Very good work on this game. I found it cute to strange to twisted! What a odd but an interesting mix! Very gruesome indeed, I enjoyed it. Reminds me of Grim fairy tales. If I had to chose my favorite character it would have to be Hansel. He is just too cute and random and it's just so adorable! I look forward to you making a series of this game! That would be great! I can't wait to try out the second one. :)