Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel"


I loved it, it was very challenging :) Also, the art was very wonderful :D
I'd love more deaths ^^

Oddly enough...

I actually enjoyed playing this game. The way you could kill both Hansel and Gretel in different situations was pretty sweet. The dad was a + too. Waiting for Part Two.

good game

good game took a longggggg time to beat tho 9/10

Really, really enjoyed this!

The only reason I'm not giving this a ten is that there are a couple of glitches. It works fine most of the time, but one or two of the stones require you to stand in a particular spot to be able to do stuff to collect them. Most of these are indicated no problem. But one or two (like the fire and the beehive stone) ended up making me shift Gretel a millimeter to the left or right to make it work, even though the indicator seemed to indicate that I could. Other than that- I don't know why people are talking about the crummy graphics. I thought they were beautifully done. The whole POINT was to keep this type of visual style, which carried across (at least to me) beautifully. The animations, the characterization, the world itself were all excellent. I eagerly await the next one! And yes, there's something about a game which encourages you to commit suicide in order to see the many ways you can die that is wonderful to me.

Interesting game

I like a game that has originality, this is one of those games, some people might find the animation a bit rushed or crummy but it went along with the game nicely, and it was kinda strange at the same time. I am missing 1 medal but its a simple one i can get anytime, the game was real nice considering you had to find 10 different ways to kill yourself which drove people to want to keep playing this game

The puzzles were what made me finish this, but there were some glitches i noticed like how when you were trying to trap the squirrel it wouldnt show up for a long time and some other things that were messed up because of the way gretel moves. Overall nicely done