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Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel"

Really loved to watch already the Lets Plays of Pewds & Mark of it
But playing it itself is also fun and i love it

One of the greatest!

loved it! replaying it after 3 years and it's still fun. I'm also not giving up hope on someday playing part 3 ;)

All my five stars, definitely belong to this game.

What a way to start a series! I only found this yesterday and forgot to review, so I came back to write that this game is amazing. Some of it is not for the faint of heart though, so be warned, this is a bloody tale. If you can get over this, there's hardly any game more worth playing than this. One of the most original games I've ever seen, even though the basic story is well known, but the spins the creator put on this are unlike any I've ever had the privilege to enjoy. I think the only way to improve this is getting rid of some bugs. Other than that, it's a perfect gem. I sincerely hope to see a third part to this beautifully insane and heartwarmingly gory piece of art!