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Reviews for "The Panda Movie"


I LIKE THAT PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MindlessInsanity responds:

Me toos!


Q: When can I download the "Panda Panda" song?
A: It should be on the Audio Portal soon.

LMFAO MAN! The panda song is funny as hell. Very random to. Yet another ten from me for comedy.

hahaha xD

8 Stars just for your Description :D

MindlessInsanity responds:

"An amazing masterpiece that will live on forever." - Skullbeatz


panda panda pan pan XD

the song was good but the animation and voise not

dada movie, i kinda like.

however, improve the audio quality before submitting to Audio Portal. also, bullshit, you didn't get an award.

MindlessInsanity responds:

I gots Turd of da Week!!!!